Do you ever feel stuck on a project, like you want to crumble it up and throw it away? Everyone feels like that sometimes. Maybe all that’s necessary is a little consultation, whether it’s to brainstorm possibilities, solve a hosting problem, troubleshoot some code or prioritize a search engine optimization plan. Even if I'm not your designer I can help and I often consult with fellow designers or “do-it-yourselfers” to help them figure things out. If you’ve been staring at your project for too long, a fresh pair of eyes is invaluable! Feel free to contact me for details. I consult in person, over the phone, on Zoom, or any other online platform.

NEW! Do you have a website on a do-it-yourself platform like WIX, Shopify, or Squarespace? Maybe there's something you're having trouble fixing or changing and you just can't figure it out or maybe...that one pesky element won't behave! I'm now offering Zoom sessions to help do-it-yourselfers fix issues on their sites. I can talk you through things in real time, share my screen, and also record your session so you can refer back to it later. Gaining the knowledge to fix issues yourself is very empowering. Contact me to set up a time.

Crumbled Paper Illustration by Kristen Schwartz

Miscellaneous Services

GRAPHICS & ILLUSTRATIONS FOR WEBSITES & MORE: Even when I'm not handling the design on a website or print project, I often create graphics or illustrations.

BOOK DESIGN & LAYOUT: If you’re self publishing, I would be happy to format your book for you. I also do cover designs and of course...illustrations.

BOOK EDITING: I have a number of different book editors I refer authors to. Contact me for more information about book editors.

WEBSITE COPY EDITING: My clients often get stuck on writing text for their sites or putting their text into a finished form. Sometimes they know what they need to get across, but they don't know how to say it. I can help. I can also help optimize your content for better search engine results.

BLOG POSTS: Getting stuck writing regular blog posts? I can consult with you to come up with a workable solution. I can also edit and optimize your posts to get them into top shape for digital marketing.

eBOOKS: Ebooks are built, believe or not, like mini websites, using the same type of code. I can format your eBook for the different vendors you will be working with (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc.).

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