I’ll let you in on a secret. Search Engine Optimization* (SEO) is not hard to do. In fact, the most important stuff should automatically be built into your site by your web designer. Over and over again I'm amazed at the SEO real estate that is not taken advantage of on the code side of the sites I look at. It's a shame. What it takes to optimize is know-how, time, common sense, research and the willingness of the website owner to continue with optimization over time. That's it. It isn't magic, although sometimes it seems like it is and some SEOs out there will apply less ethical means to increase page rankings. The best and longest lasting results come from solid, straight forward web code practices, strategic thinking, and, believe it or not, thinking and acting like a human being. Really.

Contact me for an SEO bid and I'll give you a cost breakdown based on what has already been done to your site. You can even do a little bit at a time. If you want to handle optimization yourself, I can consult with you and give you my recommendations for what needs to be done.

*What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you ask? It's a series of strategies and steps done to help a website appear higher on the list of results from a search on a search engine like Google or Yahoo. When you're looking for something online and do a search, you're more likely to go to results at the top of the list and at the very least, on the first page.